Kinderkraft brand was established in 2011 in response to the expectations of Parents
concerning products dedicated to those who are the most important to us!
Children inspire us as a source of inexhaustible ingenuity and determination to explore new opportunities.
We create with passion for them!


Safety is the basis of all we do. We take proper care of the quality of our products.


We are inspired by people, relationships, places, nature – that is why when you use our products, you gain a unique experience.


We are responsible; you can rely on us.


We make sure that each product is dedicated to the appropriate stage of development. Our goal is to show you how you can become the best Parent.


We value the opinion of others, so we constantly work to meet your requirements in the best possible way.


We pay attention to the smallest details in an effort to develop the best solutions.


We are the answer to your expectations; we create with those that we love the most in mind.


New developments stimulate us to be better.