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Bouncer-rocker and high chair in one
Smoothly adjustable backrest from lying to sitting position
The child will always feel good regardless of whether actively watching the surrounding environment or sleeping



FELIO 2-in-1 bouncer-rocker by Kinderkraf
FELIO is an incredible solution for your child. It combines the functions of baby bouncer-rocker and chair for older children, so your child will always feel good regardless of whether actively watching the surrounding environment or sleeping. The bouncer is designed from the birth of a child (up to a maximum weight of 9 kg or when the child begins to sit independently), and in the high chair function it is suitable up to 18 kg of weight. Manufactured in accordance with the requirements of European safety standard EN 12790.


  • Rocker, bouncer and high chair in one product
  • Detachable baby cocoon
  • Smooth backrest adjustment from sitting to lying position
  • 3-point safety harness
  • One-sided baby toy bar − with 3 colourful toys
  • 8 tunes with 3-level volume control
  • Soothing vibration function (3 levels)
  • Solid, but lightweight structure
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • For age: 0+

The bouncer has a removable, soft baby cocoon in which you can wrap the baby when necessary. You can also turn on soothing vibration function (3 levels possible), as well as one of the 8 tunes (3-step volume control) allowing the child to receive a variety of stimuli to stimulate the child's development.

Felio is also equipped with a baby toy bar with 3 colourful toys. One toy rustles, the second squeaks, while the third one may be used as a holder/teether − improving coordination and imagination of the child. The toys ensure fun at home and on the go, and they may be unhooked. Each of them stimulates the senses of touch and hearing, providing attractive entertainment, and most importantly − bringing a smile to your child! The baby's position is always safe and comfortable, which is provided by a 3-point safety harness and smooth adjustment of the backrest − from lying to sitting position.
The bouncer is compact, so you can easily store it

With solid and lightweight structure FELIO responds not only to the needs of the child, but also the parent, you can easily fold and unfold it − just in a few moves. It is provided with a mosquito net for using outdoors. .
FELIO is a proposal from the latest collection of Kinderkraft that creates solutions for the safety and comfort of your child.
The Seed collection is based on simplicity and subtlety. Seed − a symbol of birth, the basics of life, new opportunities. Seed is the link connecting the past and the future generations, is associated with hope and broad prospects.
The reference to the symbolism of the seed is visible in all the visual elements of the collection − subdued colours, delicate patterns.
Products are aimed at younger consumers − they are so child-friendly, pleasant to the touch and comfortable to use. Due to the unique purpose and design of the collection, they match any interior

Brand Kinderkraft
Materials Plastic PP, steel, Cover PVC
For age 0+
Weight limits Bouncer: 0 to 9 kg Chair: 18 kg
Box dimensions 78 x 42 x 12 (cm)
Chair weight 3,1 kg
Manufacturer guarantee 24 months