Interactive educational mat

Colourful mat with soothing function
Funny toys of different shapes
Develops the child's senses


The educational mat consists of a beautiful, colourful mat with a playpen function, funny toys of different shapes making various noises (rattling, squeaking, rustling).
The mat develops the child's senses:

  • Eyesight
  • Hearing
  • Touch
With the playpen function the sides can be raised and fastened together, which further encourages the baby to lift his/her head, neck and strengthens the muscles of his/her back and provides security. Moving on the tummy, the baby always faces a different animal. The play mat is made of soft, colourful fabric with heat insulation on the inside.
The play mat was designed and approved in the European Union. The play mat is produced in accordance with the applicable EU directives.


7 toys included:

  • 2 plush pipes
  • 2 plush rattles
  • Plastic elephant − rattle box
  • A monkey with movable rings and a rubber tail − teether
  • Safe mirror

Special design tailored to the needs of the child:

  • Stimulates the sense of touch
  • Stimulates the sense of hearing
  • Stimulates the sense of sight
  • Improves coordination of motor and hearing skills
  • Develops hand-eye coordination

Brand Kinderkraft
Model Animals Planet
Material Polyester
Weight 0,7 kg
Box dimensions 66 x 46,5 x 8 (cm)
Manufacturer guarantee 24 months