JOY with accessories

Baby cots

Modern design
A suspended floor for babies
Useful accessories: organizer, carousel, changing table, mosquito net


JOY travel cot with accessories by Kinderkraft
JOY travel cot is the perfect solution for the child and parent − both during travel and in everyday use. Perfect for rest, sleep and playing − it can be used as a playpen.


  • Small dimensions after folding: 76 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Essential accessories: suspended floor for infants, shelves for diapers, multimedia carousel, changing top, mosquito net
  • Handles to help the child stand up, pull up and practice balance
  • Quick folding and unfolding system, with double protection against folding
  • Easy to carry: 2 lockable wheels and a bag with holes for the wheels
  • 3 sides made of mesh ensuring contact with the environment and the opportunity to observe the child
  • Side entrance with zipper
  • Mattress dimensions: 120x60
  • Strong and stable steel frame
  • Easy to keep clean

Safety and comfort first!

Sleep is a very important part of the life of the child. It guarantees proper, balanced psychomotor development. A one-year old toddler sleeps about 14 hours a day, an infant − approx. 16 hours. So let's make sure that this time is both safe and effective.
JOY travel cot thanks to its structure provides security − even from the first days of life. Steel frame with reinforced structure ensures complete stability, and soft material provides suitable protection − without the need for additional guards, as in the case of the conventional cots with rungs. In addition, it is made of high quality fabric that is very easy to keep clean.

Simple quick folding/unfolding, with double protection against folding. It folds to very small sizes (76x20x20 cm), and thanks to the special dedicated bag with holes for the wheels − it is very easy to transport.

For the child's and parent's comfort, the side entrance with zipper is ideal for daily use. The other sides are made of mesh to ensure contact with the environment and the opportunity to observe the child.

Necessary accessories

JOY baby cot is equipped with a light mosquito net. You can successfully use it on the go, with the window open, and even in the open air − guaranteeing the child a peaceful night.

Gentle rocking helps the child fall asleep. With special runners you can quickly and easily transform the cot by adding the rocking function.

The baby cot can be successfully used as a playpen. It has special handles encouraging the child to physical activity and to learn to stand up.

Included is a changing top and additional, suspended floor − making it a perfect solution from the first days of life of the child.

With a special, dedicated shelf for accessories you will have all toiletries, diapers or toys on hand − to ensure comfort.

The set also includes a multimedia carousel − with sound, lights and 3 plush toys. With it, glancing at moving toys and listening to the sounds, the child will develop cognitive functions. Additionally, soothing tunes and delicate lights greatly support falling sleep.

Brand Kinderkraft
Model JOY + akcesoria
Materials Plastic, steel, 200D polyester
Max load on the cot 25 kg
Max. load on the changing top 15 kg
Cot dimensions and weight 126 x 65 x 76 (cm) / 8,5 kg
Box dimensions and weight 77 x 24 x 24 (cm) / 10,5 kg
Manufacturer's guarantee 24 months