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In accordance with standard for helmets for bicycles, roller skates and skateboards EN 1078
Thick shell and shock-absorbing inner layer ensuring high level of protection
11 vents to remove excess heat


SAFETY helmet by Kinderkraft
A properly fitted helmet is a must-have for bikers − it reduces the risk of serious head injuries in case of an accidental fall even by 85%! To ensure safety of the youngest users Kinderkraft has designed SAFETY helmets available in two colours: subdued grey and bright-green. Safety in use is confirmed by compliance with EN 1078 standard and CE certificate.


  • Compliant with EN 1078 standard for cycling, skateboard and skateboard helmets, CE certified
  • A thick shell and cushioning inner layer provide a high protection level to child's head
  • 11 vents to remove excess heat
  • Perfect for a balance bike, scooter, roller skates or skateboard
  • Anatomically designed shell to protect the entire head
  • Strap tension control system adjusted under the chin provides a comfortable and stable fit that ensures the child's safety and comfort
  • Adjustment using a knob − adjusting range 48-52 cm (head size)
  • Design ensuring a broad field of view
  • Very lightweight, product weight: 220-250 g
  • Ease of use
  • Made of shock-absorbing material
  • A set of decorative stickers for the helmet

Children are volcanoes of energy. The growing interest in the world around them makes them eager to participate in new activities. Riding a balance bike, traditional bike or scooter, skating or performing skateboard stunts − are excellent ways not only to get to know the world, but also to spend time with loved ones. SAFETY absorbs shocks, thereby ensuring the child's safety. A thick helmet shell, made of durable ABS material, is designed according to the anatomy of the skull, thereby protecting the entire head. Inner cushion layer made of expanded polystyrene, ensuring a high level of protection in case of falling or impact. Unique design ensuring a broad field of view provides not only safety, but also extraordinary comfort. .

A suitable helmet should be precisely fitted to the child's head − SAFETY comes with the system that allows for quick and easy adjustment in the range of 48-52 cm using a knob. An additional adjustment system of the chin strap ensures proper installation and stable fit, ensuring your child's safety. SAFETY has 11 vents removing excess heat, which protect against excessive sweating of your child's head, thereby increasing comfort for your child. The helmet is very lightweight (250 g), so wearing it is comfortable for the child.

Safety is first! However, let's remember that a helmet is an essential element of costume which should also please the child. Now it is possible − in each box, along with the SAFETY helmet, you can find sets of stickers with which the child will make his/her own special helmet! Let’s ride!

Brand Kinderkraft
Model Kask SAFETY
Wykonanie Skorupa zewnętrzna: 100% ABS Styropian wewnętrzny: 100% Expanded polystyren (utwardzony) Wewnętrzne poduszki: nylon+polyestyren Element regulujący: PA66+TPR/PP Pasy: 100% nylon Klamra: POM+PA66 Rzepy: 100% nylon
Waga kasku 220-250 g
Wymiary kasku 24 x 21 x 15 (cm)
Wymiary kartonu / waga brutto 25 x 22 x 15 (cm) / 0,44 kg
Gwarancja producenta 24 miesiące