Not so long ago,

in a not very distant land, we met on our way the entire zoo!

The animals were very open, happy and playful, and they even shared with us their wisdom and expertise.

At first, we were welcome by the Elephant. It put all the children on its back, like in seats, and thanks to its strength and stability it took us on a long journey. The youngest babies could not travel themselves. So the Kangaroo helped them with its carriers. Beside, the Cheetah was running, faster than lightning. Some of the children immediately jumped into the race – they sat on their bikes and ran after it! The rest of the children, inspired by the Frog croaking nearby, quickly jumped into their prams. After a frantic chase, we came across the Koala Bear. Koala invited us to visit it, offered the children delicious snacks, cuddled them and took care of them. And then, all of a sudden… bang! Suddenly the Monkey, dropped inside, bringing a lot of fun with it! All the children were delighted. And when the Monkey ended its pranks, the tired Little Ones were just looking for a place to rest. They went to the bedroom, where the Bear was sound asleep… But we are not afraid of the Bear! We nestle up in playpens and cots, together with all the children

After the trip, we collected all the good qualities of each animal, added a little bit of passion, knowledge and …

…POW…SWISH….BANG… that is how the incredible Kinderkraft mixture was created.